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Individual barcodes

GBA CLS - Individual barcodes

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Are you facing challenges with your laboratory's number formats and barcode systems? Are you unsure if your current provider can handle different formats, especially those of foreign laboratories?

GBA CLS specializes in the seamless integration of samples collected with lab kits from around the world, regardless of their numbering formats or barcode systems.

🌐 Global compatibility: Whether you use a unique numbering format or work with lab kits developed by partners abroad, we have the technology and expertise to handle it all.

💡 Advanced solutions: Our state-of-the-art processes guarantee efficient and precise processing of your samples, regardless of their origin.

🤝 Expert advice: Rely on our experienced team to provide you with tailored support and advice to meet your specific requirements.

Ready to streamline your clinical trials and unlock new opportunities? Let's find out together how we can support your research efforts!


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